Our resident Hangi Master - Perry Kennan gives you the timeline for making a great

Step One - 8:30 AM
  C'mon Baby Light My Fire
   The fire is set on top of the rocks to heat
  them up. Time to start peeling and
  preparing the vegetables and the meat.

Step Two - 12 Noon

  Hot Rocks
    The rocks are separated from the embers
   The volunteers are getting hosed down
   with water due to the intense heat
   They are wearing woolen clothing to
   retain the cold water being sprayed on

Step Three - 12:10 PM
   In They Go

The hot rocks are put into the pit
      The volunteers are still being hosed
    down due to the heat

  Step Four -
12:12 PM
    Carnivore and Herbivore

         The meat and the vegetables are
      carefully lowered into the pit
in their
      metal grilled cooking baskets

 Step Five - 12:14 PM
    It's a Cover Up

         The pit is covered with sheets

  Step Six - 12:17 PM
    Sack Race Time
      The sheets are covered with wet sacks

   Step Seven - 12:20 PM
    Earth-Moving Experience

         Quickly shovel soil into the pit, 
      completely covering the sacks

  Step Eight - 4:15 PM
   Can You Dig It?
       After 3 hours of cooking, the soil is

  Step Nine - 4:18 PM
   Off With the Sacks!!!
      The sacks and sheet are removed
    from the pit


 Step Ten - 4:20 PM
   Coming Right Up
      The food baskets are removed from the
    pit.... not long now....


Step 11 - 4:30 PM
   Grub's Up!!!

      The food is served to the waiting hungry
    mouths..... mmmmm yummy...
    Hangi Food = Delicious

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